You do what you do best, We've got the rest.

Moxy can help YOU

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What Moxy Does for our clients


We've got you

Genuine, knowledgable support can transform your life, just like it did for Kimberly, our Chief Moxy, after she was widowed with three kids. A business owner herself, she founded Moxy because she knows how hard it can be to ask for and accept help...and truly enjoys helping entrepreneurs thrive. We believe you’re worth world-class support, love being by your side and we are determined to succeed – together.


We get you

We get what it’s like to try to do life, business, parenting, college and more – all on your own. Maybe you have an uber-independent “I got this” approach to life, or you simply don’t trust

others to do it right. We can relate! Because we’ve been there ourselves, we’re sensitive to what entrepreneurs need and know how to listen deeply so we can truly help.


We're consistent

Integrity is all about consistency and honesty in our relationships and the work we do. We know that how you do one thing is how you do everything. When you’re consistent and honest in your

relationships, they’re solid and things flow. When your business systems are based on solid principles, everything goes smoothly. Sure, we love surprises when it comes to parties, but when it comes to our work and our relationships, sound and trustworthy are best.


We're in this together

We’re in this together, and we take your business as seriously as we do our own. Moxy’s have a certain set of abilities that makes them uniquely amazing at what they do and we believe that all work is worthy of respect. Our strengths may be different than yours, but doing our best work together is what we want, right? That means we keep the communication channels clear, always flowing from kindness and respect.


We'll get there

Moxy is all about determination, know-how and great energy. 100% committed to finding the most efficient, up-to-date solutions tailored to your business and your needs, we love a puzzle and are always learning. Once we get to know you and your business, we get to work on the best approach to solving your unique challenges. The best part? Putting systems and people into place, letting them do their thing and watching your business boom.

Kimberly Wirfs

Owner/Chief Moxy


When my husband passed away I didn't work for 3-4 years. As my three kids got older I wanted to bring in more income to have adventure with my kids. I knew I didn't want to work outside of the home just incase I am needed by my kids.

I took my experience of managing at a bank and operating my childcare business with some additional training and founded Moxy. It takes guts, drive and hard work to get a business up and running. I know this from experience. This is how we at Moxy can help.

Hiring Moxy was a great decision to help me take my business to the NEXT LEVEL.

I hired Kimberly Wirfs in June to help me facilitate some changes in my business. I have found that working with her has not only been very pleasant, but she is always looking for ways to help me expand and grow my business. She currently manages my business page, uploads my weekly videos to YouTube, and creates blog posts for my content. I have been very happy with her services and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to any one who is in need of VA support. Hiring her was a great decision to help me take my business to the NEXT LEVEL.

Kelee Love

Kelee Love Coaching

Costa Rica